Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Right for You?

There are many steps to take on the road to addiction recovery. Not everyone will start in the same place, and some may require a longer journey and more support than others to reach sobriety. This is why many recovery centers offer a continuum of care for recovering addicts that meets individuals’ needs every step of the way.

One step many patients in Denver, CO must take is working through intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). These outpatient treatment programs provide the support and therapy many individuals need to help them maintain supportive therapy while gradually reintegrating themselves into a normal routine of school, work and community life.

When an IOP might be right for you

An IOP is a less intensive form of treatment than inpatient programs or partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). In many cases, an IOP is used as a stepping stone after these treatments to continue helping the patient develop good coping skills and build on personal growth.

IOPs typically leverage educational classes, individual, group and family therapy and other forms of therapy and skill building to provide regular support.

Like in PHPs, patients enrolled in IOPs return home after their sessions, spending their evenings and weekends with family. However, an IOP is not as rigorous as a PHP. The schedule for an IOP is generally a few hours per day for up to five days a week and can be scheduled around the patient’s work or school schedule, so they are able to maintain relative normalcy in their daily life.

An IOP might be right for you if:

  • Your psychiatric symptoms are not interfering with your ability to function at home, school or work
  • You desire a form of outpatient therapy that provides flexibility around school or work
  • You are interested in and/or in need of treatment for your symptoms

Qualities to look for in an IOP

If an IOP seems right for you, you’ll need to look for an addiction recovery center that offers the important qualities of an IOP within their treatment program offerings:

  • Trained professionals: IOPs rely on a structured system of therapy sessions—whether individual, family or group—as well as training sessions and educational opportunities led by professionals. The experts leading your IOP should be trained, certified and experienced, so you receive the highest quality of care possible.
  • Near home, work or school: One of the biggest benefits of an IOP is your ability to travel between your program and home, work or school. Therefore, you’ll want to attend a program at a treatment center near your home to make getting to and from treatment easier and more convenient.
  • Program flexibility: Because patients can attend an IOP around their work or school schedule, you’ll want the IOP you enroll in to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Look for centers that offer both day and evening IOPs for the greatest flexibility and minimal amounts of stress.
  • Continuum of care: IOPs typically occur after and before other forms of addiction therapy as you continue to work toward your recovery. Look for a recovery center that offers various forms of therapy in addition to intensive outpatient programs.

Continuum Recovery of Colorado offers flexible intensive outpatient programs in Denver, CO, as well as other forms of outpatient therapy to assist those needing substance abuse treatment and recovery support services. Contact us to learn more about our IOP or other programs today.

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