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Continuum Recovery of Colorado is a high-quality yet affordable drug rehab located in Denver Colorado. Although Denver is home to many kinds of rehabs, few have ever experienced the level of success that we have in helping our clients to get sober and to stay sober for the long-term. We understand that addiction is a progressive and deadly disease, and we want to help everyone who comes to our facility to break free from the bondage of chemical dependency.

Continuum Recovery of Colorado is a Marijuana Rehab

Since the legalization marijuana in Colorado, the state has experienced an epidemic in marijuana addiction. Marijuana strains and marijuana products are far more potent today than ever before, especially here in Colorado. Wax, edibles, vapes, and other cannabis concentrates are especially powerful. For those of you who don't know, the ditch weed of the 1970s compared to today's pot is like the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima Japan compared to the thermonuclear weapons of today. Because Colorado is bordered by seven states, the marijuana legalization brought a large migrant population, many of whom are homeless and addicted to cannabis and or other substances. Marijuana addiction is real, it's a gateway drug, and it must be treated as such. This unique problem requires a unique and aggressive treatment solution, and we've got the answer for it.

We Also Treat Heroin Dependency

While Colorado is known for its legal recreational marijuana, there is an ugly underbelly of Colorado that often gets overlooked. Colorado, particularly the Denver and Colorado Springs areas, have a tremendous heroin problem. If you are someone who suffers from heroin addiction, you don't need to be told about the horrors of this toxic substance. Heroin takes its users to the bottom of the bottom if they are lucky enough to live through it. Quitting heroin is almost impossible because it is physically addictive. A person trying to quit will become sick and experience painful and potentially life-threatening detox symptoms.

We Treat Alcoholism

Alcohol is often looked at as the good drug. In fact, it's not even seen as a drug by society, partly because it's been legal for so long. Make no mistake; alcohol is a drug! Alcohol is addictive. How addictive? It is arguably the most addictive substance known to man. Alcoholism ravages its victims. It destroys the lives of the people who drink it as well as the lives of those closest to them. Alcohol's effect on the brain is what is particularly scary. Like heroin, it too is extremely addictive. It's easy to develop a physical dependency to alcohol, and it can be just as difficult to quit as heroin because the withdrawal symptoms are equally as severe.

Light at the End of the Road

Drug and alcohol dependency is a long, dark road with no light at the end of it. Only jails, institutions, and death await its victims. Fortunately, you don't have to fight alone. Continuum Recovery of Colorado has the tools, resources, specialists, and the kind of environment you need to get clean and start realizing your full potential. You can do better, and you deserve better!

Drug Rehab Denver Colorado
Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado
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