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National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week Is March 15-21

March 15 to 21 is National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week, which serves as a reminder each year that even some very common household items can have severe health impacts if abused. Remember that substance abuse treatment is available in Denver, CO! The focus is particularly on inhalants like aerosols, glues, solvents, paint and other […]

March Is Self-Injury Awareness Month

If you were not already aware, March is Self-Injury Awareness Month. The term “self-injury” or “self-harm” refers to a common response to severe emotional distress. People who experience severe psychological pain may react by intentionally inflicting non-suicidal injuries on themselves. Experts believe this is a way for people to mirror their psychological pain with physical […]

What Is an Intervention?

Thanks to reality TV and pseudo-professionals, many people think they understand what an intervention is, but most don’t fully comprehend what the process entails. As a result of this misunderstanding about interventions, these meetings are often carried out incorrectly, only to exacerbate the issue they are attempting to address. If you are concerned about how […]

Understanding DUI Level I and Level II Education and Therapy

Research indicates that 88,000 people in the United States lose their lives due to alcohol-related causes every year. So many of these untimely deaths may have been prevented if individuals sought DUI classes in Denver, CO. These educational opportunities play a vital component in the five stages of addiction treatment. These levels are designed to […]

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Right for You?

There are many steps to take on the road to addiction recovery. Not everyone will start in the same place, and some may require a longer journey and more support than others to reach sobriety. This is why many recovery centers offer a continuum of care for recovering addicts that meets individuals’ needs every step […]