Drug Rehab DenverAre you looking for drug rehab in Denver with a great program that will accommodate your busy schedule? If so, consider getting treatment at Continuum Recovery of Colorado. We are an outside-the-box drug rehab that provides a combination of the best modern and traditional drug and alcohol treatment techniques in the world.

We are fortunate to have some of the best addiction treatment professionals on our staff at Continuum Recovery of Colorado, all of whom are highly committed to making a positive impact on our community by helping families break free from the enslaving grasp of addiction.

What's the Best Outpatient Drug Rehab in Denver?

Continuum Recovery of Colorado is an exclusively outpatient drug rehab in Denver. Individuals who need residential treatment might consider seeking the treatment they need elsewhere. However, we hope you will keep us in mind when you graduate from residential drug treatment. Our convenient location, our one-of-a-kind treatment model, and our state-leading outpatient drug rehab program can help you stay clean once you get clean. If you need outpatient drug rehab, then Continuum Recovery of Colorado is by far the best choice for you.

Who We Serve

The kinds of patients that benefit from our services are individuals who have jobs, families, and legal obligations that demand their presence, thereby making inpatient residential drug treatment impossible. Not everybody is in a position to put their lives on hold for thirty to ninety days to get treatment from an inpatient rehab facility.

Continuum Recovery of Colorado, although being an exclusively outpatient drug rehab in Denver, offers several different outpatient programs on various days and at various times throughout the week to accommodate our patients' needs and schedules. For example, we provide partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient (IOP) services, and we have other outpatient services that are a bit less-intensive for individuals who have graduated an inpatient rehab facility or who are otherwise deemed to be a good fit for the lower-intensity outpatient services we provide.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away!

We believe that everyone deserves a second, third, fourth, and fifth chance at Continuum Recovery. In fact, many of our staff members have stumbled in their lives, but they kept persisting, and with the help of addiction specialists, they were able to overcome their addictions and be a blessing for others who need help.

If you are interested in exploring our outpatient services further, please contact us at your earliest convenience. The first step in getting the treatment you need is to make the phone call. By starting the conversation, we can assess your situation and make a recommendation for you. We also offer referrals to some of the top rehabs and addiction treatment providers in the region when necessary. If we admit you into one of our outpatient programs, we'll first meet with you and customize a treatment plan just for you.

Drug Rehab Denver
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