November 11-15 Is Anti-Bullying Week

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that one in five students aged 12 through 18 experienced bullying in 2017. Seven out of 10 young people report that they have witnessed bullying in their schools. Clearly, this is a topic that should be addressed by anti-bullying in Denver, CO and across the globe. The good […]

October Is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

Depression affects more than 16 million American adults per year, and its effects can be devastating. Everyone has sad or difficult moments, but these feelings usually resolve within a day or two. When your sadness or numbness starts interfering with your functioning and daily life, however, it’s possible that you have a depressive illness. There […]

What Happens After Rehab? What to Expect from Life on the Outside

After completing an inpatient rehabilitation program, you’ve probably been made aware of the fact that this is just the first step in a lifetime process of choosing sober living in Denver, CO. Patients who complete the program may struggle to make the necessary lifestyle changes that sober living requires, such as staying away from friends […]

The Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Program in Denver, CO

For many people who go through an inpatient addiction treatment program, the next step after being discharged is to continue treatment in an intensive outpatient program before returning home. It’s natural for some patients to resist this—they often feel significantly better after having gone through the inpatient program. However, there are still plenty of reasons […]

Info About Medication-Assisted Treatment in Denver, CO

Medication-assisted treatment is a type of treatment that combines various behavioral and cognitive therapies with prescribed medication, offering a holistic approach to deal with substance abuse. There are those who might scratch their heads at the idea of introducing medication to help wean people off of substances, as it can feel like simply replacing one […]