Finding the Right Partial Hospitalization Program for You

Recovering from substance abuse is often a long and difficult journey that requires a lot of motivation, treatment and support. Those who struggle with addiction may need to engage in a number of treatment programs, starting with inpatient care and working down to the occasional group therapy session. One such form of treatment is a […]

Recovery During the Holidays

The holiday season isn’t always so much the most wonderful time of the year as it is the most tempting time of the year. For most, that means putting on a few pounds as they overindulge in sumptuous holiday treats. For those people in recovery for a substance abuse problem, however, the holidays can be […]

January Is Mental Health Awareness Month

As a hectic 2019 turns into what promises to be a tumultuous 2020, the first month of the year, January, is Mental Health Awareness Month. This extremely important observance is the perfect time to readdress and reaffirm your mental health in Denver, CO. Here are some steps you can take to improve your mental health […]

November 23 Is the International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

Every year, suicide takes the lives of nearly 45,000 Americans. It’s the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. These tragedies leave behind hundreds of thousands of family members and friends who must find a way to deal with their loss. Those left behind struggle with suicide survival in Denver, CO. The fact […]

November 11-15 Is Anti-Bullying Week

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that one in five students aged 12 through 18 experienced bullying in 2017. Seven out of 10 young people report that they have witnessed bullying in their schools. Clearly, this is a topic that should be addressed by anti-bullying in Denver, CO and across the globe. The good […]