Although we need drugs to maintain an effective, advanced medical system, we can’t deny that, in many cases, their influence can become extremely damaging. Not to mention that we have a wide range of illicit drugs, for which there is no medical use in many parts of the globe, which cause a lot of problems in the society. At the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, we have seen how damaging drugs can become and how much they can ruin people’s lives.

For this reason, we have developed a drug treatment in Colorado that is meant to nullify these problems and help patients retake control over their livelihood. It is not an easy task, because the harm narcotics can induce goes beyond the realm of the physical manifestations. In this sense, we mention:

1. Family problems
– Many of these problems will be fueled by the fact that the addict’s condition will require constant financial support. In the more severe cases, the addict will no longer be able to support himself, as all his money will go towards getting the next dose. At the same time, the patient’s behavior will change drastically for the worse, contributing to the problem even further.

2. Problems at work – Keeping a job is an almost impossible task when you have become paranoid, all you can think of is drugs, your cognitive and physical abilities have decreased significantly, and you are showing significant mood changes, involving aggression, depression or apathy.

3. Psychological side effects – These can go as far as signaling mental disorders like anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression, and some patients might even end up displaying suicidal tendencies.

4. Legal issues – Many people end up in a drug treatment in Colorado as a result of a judicial sentence. Drug addicts, especially those in the more advanced stages, will begin losing contact with reality and are more likely to engage in risky and illegal activities, either because their mental functioning is faulty, or because they are desperate for finding the new resources they need to fuel their addiction.

With all these problems in sight, the perfect drug rehabilitation program has to approach the situation from many perspectives.

A life without drugs

Coming clean is difficult. Undoubtedly more difficult than most people suspect. Opioids have the nasty habit of completely altering the patient’s personality and mental process, a process which can only be reversed by adopting radical treating methods.

Many of these methods will include behavioral therapies, holistic programs including yoga, meditation, physical and mental activities, individual and group sessions, family counseling and relapse prevention programs, where people learn the fundamental coping mechanisms to aid them in the recovery process. It is a sophisticated program, and it has to be since drug addiction is a complex disease, one which can only be countered with determination and innovation.

Here, at the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, we have developed a highly effective drug treatment in Colorado, which aims at breaking the addictive behavior and support people along their journey of self-discovery.

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