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The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) showed that over 10% of the Americans, with ages as low as 12, have consumed illegal drugs in 2014. That makes for approximately 27 million people across the nation. This shows that the drug problem is far from over and institutions like Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado still have a lot to deal with.

The Colorado drug rehab programs have been developed to with several goals in mind:

- Control and alleviate the drug addiction physical and mental symptoms

- Combat withdrawal using medication and therapeutic procedures

- Help the patients rebuild their self-esteem and mental strength and to reconnect with their family and friends

- Assist them in becoming productive members of society once more

- Alleviate their mental disorders, provided they have any

- Educate them on the impact of addiction and motivate them to avoid the damaging behavior in the future

- Adopt relapse prevention mechanisms, where the primary goal is to make sure the individual will remain clean for as long as possible, preferably forever

The rehabilitation processes have grown so complicated specifically because the addictive behavior is hard to treat and because there is no proven way to make addiction go away for good, with 100% efficiency. All we can do is limit its impact, reverse and protect against the majority of the symptoms and prevent further health deterioration, among other things.

Substance addiction can change your life for good

A Colorado drug rehab program is a valuable life experience because it is designed to help you not only get rid of the problems but also how to rebuild your character and develop the proper skills and abilities to cope with the problem in the future, provided it may relapse.

Teaching them the value of self-control, determination, and confidence and showing them how to make a better life for themselves – these are the ultimate goals, those that will provide them with the necessary tools to change their future forever. And that alone is a monumental task to complete.

As studies have shown over the past few years, young adults with ages between 12 and 18 are a specific high-risk category of people when it comes to both drug abuse and alcoholism. They are the social category that the drug market relies on to make the most money from.

The main reasons that get them to try out drugs include:

- The need to integrate with a specific social group

- The curiosity of trying something new

- Sometimes from boredom

- Out of feelings of anxiety, depression, disappointment or simply because of losing the sense of purpose in life

- As an act of rebellion and so on

While the reasons are many and different, the outcomes are almost always the same: health problems, social alienation, overdosing and death. The Colorado drug rehab programs offered by the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado are the swords and shields of a savage and sustained war campaign against illicit drug use and drug abuse across the nation. And the only acceptable outcome is a victory.

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