Drug Rehab In Colorado

The main problem with drug abuse, both in the US and worldwide, the underlying issue that fuels drug consumption, especially among the youth, is the lack of education on the subject. People are unaware of the extreme dangers posed by narcotics, allowing themselves to become fascinated by the ephemeral pleasures of a deceiving poison. We, at the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, are set to tear down this fascination once and for all.

And the only way to become convinced of the damaging effects of narcotics is by looking at why people swarm programs of drug rehab in Colorado. They have reached the limit their bodies and minds were able to take, and they have either lost everything they treasured about life or about to. Signing in to a rehabilitation program is one last struggle to get things right and, in some cases, it just might be too late.

But, looking beyond the glamorous and the deceiving, what makes drugs so dangerous? It is precisely about the mechanism that instills the narcotic effects. Opioids, because these make for the significant category of substances known to inflict and support an addictive behavior, invade the nervous system and cause a flood of dopamine in the brain’s reward center. Feelings of euphoria, relaxation, calmness and pain numbness will soon take over, but will only last for so long.

If the addict is to experience that sensation again, another dose is required. And that’s where the path to drug rehab in Colorado starts, because:

- The brain will develop a tolerance to the substance, requiring each time a higher dose to produce the same effects

- Snorting the drug will cause nasal damages, while injecting it will soon clog the arteries, causing heart problems and increasing the risk of stroke and sudden death

- The liver will sustain severe damages in time, sometimes severe enough to be deemed irreparable

- The patient’s immune system will drop, allowing for respiratory and lung infections, as well as other related problems

- The risk for a throat, oral or esophagus cancer, as well as dementia and other mental disorders, will be higher

- Severe psychological problems will develop, including depression which will increase the risk of suicide

- More dramatic behavioral changes like sudden mood shifts, a tendency towards aggression, incoherent speaking and thinking will alienate people close to the patient

- The likelihood of sudden death and overdose will increase exponentially

These effects only go to show that the initial sensation of well-being induced by the narcotics is only a façade and that what follows is certainly not worth it. The damages caused by prolonged drug abuse can last for a lifetime, rendering the individual unable to fight back and incapable of reclaiming everything he’s lost, including health, friends, family, his job and, ultimately, his happiness.

This is why the programs of drug rehab in Colorado represent the bridge people use to return from the dark shores that are consuming their lives. The Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado is one such bridge, one that’s being continuously strengthened, allowing for more people to cross it every day.

Drug Rehab In Colorado

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