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The majority of people believe that the reason there are so many drug addicts is because of the illicit opioids and psychostimulants delivered by the black-market. As we have been able to observe, here at the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, that’s false. That’s one reason, but not the only one and not the overwhelmingly predominant.

According to many drug treatment centers in Denver, there is another underlying aspect that’s fueling the drug problem: prescription painkillers. Drugs like methadone, Nurofen Plus, Solpadeine, Hydrocodone or Oxycontin are not only abused by those who take them with prescriptions but also used for recreative purposes by those who don’t need them.

And, as it turns out, prescription painkiller addiction is among the most difficult to treat and even more difficult to counter and prevent. A lot of these drugs can be bought online without too much difficulty, and if that isn’t scary enough, the following statistics are:

- 2,500 American young adults with ages between 12 and 17 use prescription painkillers abusively every day

- Today, there are approximately 15 million Americans abusing prescription painkillers, many of which already show signs of psychological and physical addiction

- Prescription drugs like opioids, antidepressants or painkillers cause more deaths due to overdose than the major illicit drugs like coke, heroin, amphetamine, and methamphetamine combined; 45% to 39%, with the rest of the stats being represented by alcohol abuse, as well as other substances

- Close to 50% of the teenagers believe that prescription drugs are safe for consumption, compared to their illicit counterparts

These are prevalent problems in all drug treatment centers in Denver, showing that, in the majority of cases, we are worrying about the wrong thing.

All drugs are dangerous

Think about it this way: many drugs nowadays considered illegal were, in the past, released on prescriptions. Until it was discovered that the side-effects and the long-term damages were more compelling than the benefits. In truth, the only difference between various drugs is the rate and the conditions under which they start damaging the organism. But they all do it. And they all have the potential to promote and trigger an addictive behavior, which will further the damages even more efficiently.

This is why we consider all drugs as being toxic, with the sole exception that some, when it controlled doses, can be used for good. But, when abused, the repercussions can be rather severe:

- Damages to the major organs, sometimes irreversible

- Behavioral changes like increased aggression and irritability

- A tendency towards depression and suicide

- A deterioration of the social relationships

- The risk for heart disease, dementia, erectile dysfunction, throat and mouth cancer, hepatitis or HIV

- The risk of death due to heart failure or other deadly conditions

These risks show the importance of drug treatment centers in Denver and how crucial it is to take measures in time before the situation gets any worse. At the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, our job is primarily to teach people that prescription drugs are often more dangerous than the illicit ones. Because education is the strongest wall in the way of drug abuse.

Drug Treatment Centers Denver

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