Drug Treatment Colorado

Although it is clear that more and more people are beginning to see how much of a danger drug addiction is, most of them fear these substances for the wrong reasons. There is no doubt about it, drugs are extremely harmful to your physical wellbeing, but that’s not where the real evil hides. At the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, we are fighting with the true nature of evil in all of its complex forms.

Any drug treatment in Colorado will first approach the physical manifestations caused by the substance abuse. More specifically, all symptoms associated with the withdrawal. The withdrawal syndrome consists, in general, of several predictable symptoms that will only occur as part of the addictive behavior, when the brain tends to inflict aggressive physical and mental reactions as a response to not receiving the next dose of the drug or the next influx of alcohol.

The withdrawal symptom is what keeps the patient prisoner in a never-ending circle of self-destruction he cannot extract himself out of. The most common ones include:

- Sleep disorders, mainly insomnia, along with constant yawning

- Anxiety, with the possibility of depressive behavior

- Being restless and manifesting high irritability

- The cold turkey syndrome, which is the body hair appearing electrified, similar to a turkey’s skin

- Seizures and even loss of consciousness

- Elevated heartbeat and high blood pressure and many others

Some people manifest slightly different, depending on each case, but, in general, these are some of the most common symptoms. And these are the easiest one to treat because the hard part is only now getting started.

Beyond the appearances

Aside from the physical side effects, every drug treatment in Colorado will also deal with another aspect of drug abuse, one which lies at the heart of its foul nature: the psychological and emotional changes. This is the hideous face of substance addiction – the fact that it changes the individual at its most intimate level.

All drugs will eventually have the same effect, alcohol included. As addiction will advance and aggravate, the patient will:

- Show behavioral changes, becoming more apathetic, more aggressive or more depressed

- Manifest an inconsistent thinking process, often rendering the addict unable to distinguish between harmless situations and the dangerous ones

- The tendency toward seclusion, along with the inability to remain socially active anymore

- Obsession with procuring the drug by any means necessary

- Lack of interest regarding the relationships with those around

This is the genuinely vile aspect of drug abuse – the fact that it changes the human being profoundly, affecting its very own nature. And this is why drug addiction is so difficult to combat, as, at the moment, we don’t have a 100% functional rehabilitation system, that would cure the addictive behavior for good.

All we have is the advanced method of drug treatment in Colorado that rely on the latest scientific discoveries, the type of those adopted by the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado. Our goal is to restore individuals to their former selves, the free, happy, healthy people they once were. And if they were never like that, we’ll give our best to teach them that they can be.

Drug Treatment Colorado

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