Substance abuse describes a wide range of dangerous and harmful behaviors involving use of legal and illegal substances. The most common of such substances are alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, stimulants, and prescription medications. Unfortunately, the problems of substance abuse is a common problem in many states in the United States including Colorado. This is why the various drug rehab in Colorado are trying their best to help these patients become sober.

What’s more, substance abuse can have several devastating effect on the life of anyone. From anti-social behaviors to self-harm, mental issues, concentration problems, and so forth. It can affect your immune system and eventually lead to death. There is no specific cure for substance abuse but rehabs offer treatments that work. Here, we will discuss different ways a drug rehab in Colorado can help with your substance abuse treatment:

Detoxification Service

One way drug rehabs are helping patients is through detoxification. Often times, a lot of these patients are unable to achieve sobriety on their own. Withdrawal comes with potential dangers and distress. Individuals normally need help to deal with the issues. A Colorado drug rehab can help minimize risks by helping individuals rid their bodies of the abused substances under supervision as they withdraw.

Inpatient Treatment

This is the most intensive level of care and involves individuals living in the rehab center for a period of time. For inpatient treatment, individuals are under round-the-clock supervision and work with different professionals including doctors and psychiatrists.

Traditional Outpatient Services

Traditional outpatient services are common because they offer individuals the opportunity to get treatment from a drug rehab in Colorado without disruption of their normal lives. An individual can continue with his/her school/career and normal family life during rehab period.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In addition, drug rehabs in Colorado also offer intensive outpatient program. This program is best for individuals that are transitioning out of treatment environment. It basically involves individuals attending care services few hours in a week, depending on their needs, while maintaining their normal lives. Group therapy is usually the best type of intervention in this program.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Some cases of substance abuse are best managed with medications to help individuals deal with the cravings for their substance of abuse and the painful withdrawal symptoms. It is used mostly for individuals that are trying to break free from opioid addiction. Medications such as Methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol are normally used.

Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programs are important aspects of rehab that will help individuals prevent relapse. It includes such activities as individual therapy, family therapy, and support groups. It can also help individuals to build positive social connections.

There you have it! Above are some of the ways drug rehabs in Colorado can help with your substance abuse treatment. A drug rehab in Colorado provides several services that can help individuals break free from any form of substance abuse. Many centers offer most of the programs discussed above.

Contact us today at the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado to help overcome your substance abuse issues. Our rehab is well-equipped with everything you need to become sober and live an addiction-free life. An amazing experience awaits you.

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