Rehab DenverIf you’re trying to quit your substance addiction, we invite you to our center, at Continuum Recovery of Colorado! It’s not a good idea to try and fight the withdrawal on your own. Not only your chances of success are slim, but you risk developing a new form of addiction, often more aggressive and debilitating.

Our center of rehab in Denver provides you with a safe environment and offers you access to the industry’s most effective rehab programs. We have created and perfected a four-step treatment that focuses on delivering a life-changing experience. Since you may have never participated in such an advanced rehab process before, here are the four stages that you will go through:

1. Extensive preliminary diagnosis

The first thing we’ll do is to draw out your biological and medical profile. We’re interested in aspects like:

  • The type of substance(s) you’re using
  • The nature and intensity of the withdrawal 
  • The existence of any co-occurring disorders
  • Personal and familial medical history
  • Physical and mental status, etc.

This initial stage will allow us to assess your condition and plan the next phases carefully. It’s what enables our team of clinicians to apply a customized rehab strategy that will continue for months and sometimes years on end.

2. Personalized detox plan

The detoxification plan is a vital weapon in the fight against the withdrawal and the cold-turkey syndrome. We use medication to eliminate the cravings, minimize the manifestations of the disorder, address the co-occurring diseases, and stabilize your condition. Our experts will decide the duration of the medication treatment, since some people require long-term medical assistance, while others will get better in a couple of weeks.

We urge you to join our rehab in Denver and refrain from resorting to any self-detox strategy! By self-medicating yourself, you’ll open the door to a multitude of problems, including overdosing on the medicine that was supposed to help you. Let our experienced clinicians supervise the process and ensure the safety of the procedure!

3. Mental and emotional rehabilitation

One of the most feared effects of prolonged substance addiction is its impact on your psychological wellbeing. As a victim, you will feel anxious, depressed, hopeless, and afraid of losing everything and everyone around you. As scary as it may be, this is not a one-way path.

We offer extensive individual and group therapy sessions, family support, and spiritual healing along the way. Shortly, your behavior and attitude will improve, as well as your view of the world as a whole.

4. Relapse prevention

Getting sober is one thing and remaining sober is an entirely different one. Our goal is to support you into adopting a life of sobriety, filled with positivity, confidence, and new goals and aspirations. This is the reason why our rehab in Denver is unique and so effective at changing people’s lives.

Contact us now, at Continuum Recovery of Colorado, and let’s begin the treatment! Think positive, take heart, and everything else will come naturally!

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