Addiction is a powerful disease that affects individuals, families and communities. It is persistent and unforgiving but can be broken with the right treatment. Continuum Recovery of Colorado helps addicts break free from their addictions. Our addiction treatment programs in Denver are comprehensive, well-rounded and empowering. They are designed to reduce the common barriers to treatment and make it easier for addicts to balance work, family and recovery.

Addiction: Why it’s a Major Problem

Addiction is more common than people realize. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 7 million Americans battle a drug addiction every year. Addiction also goes hand-in-hand with mental disorders. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that nearly 8 million American adults have a co-occurring disorder.

What makes addiction especially concerning is that it can happen to anyone. The disease does not pick and choose its victims. Anyone can develop an addiction regardless of where they live, how much education they have or the background they come from. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. for Americans under the age of 50.

Addiction is progressive and the only way to stop it is by seeking treatment from a reputable rehabilitation program like Continuum Recovery of Colorado.

Going Beyond the Behavior to Understand the “Why”

A core part of our Denver addiction treatment process is understanding why the addiction occurred. It takes some clients longer than others to reach this insight. Typically, it involves multiple sessions of individual, group and family therapy to reach this “aha” moment. Ongoing therapy helps clients develop the appropriate coping skills.

Coming to terms with the root causes of addiction is important for a few reasons. First, it helps our clients understand what led them down this path and what problems need to be addressed. Second, clients can develop strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety. Lastly, accepting past struggles helps people move on and find their greater purpose in life.

Addiction Treatment Therapy in Denver

Continuum Recovery of Colorado creates individualized treatment plans based on each client’s needs. We include a unique balance of recovery services in Denver such as the following:

  • Individual therapy. Each client meets with a trained substance abuse counselor once a week in a safe, supportive environment. This time is used to explore negative behaviors, belief systems, internal feelings and more.
  • Group therapy. Meeting with others reminds our clients that they are not alone. Discussions and trust-building exercises are a focus of group therapy. Some clients develop new friendships as well.
  • Family therapy. Addiction affects the family as well as the addict. We strive to offer support to families in a compassionate and caring manner. Topics discussed include setting boundaries and recognizing signs of enablement.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment. Many of our clients suffer from substance abuse and a mental disorder. Co-occurring treatment addresses both conditions through education, social skills training, coping skills, relapse prevention and more.

Comprehensive Care in a Supportive Environment

By choosing Continuum Recovery of Colorado for addiction treatment, you are giving yourself or a loved one the greatest chances for a full recovery. Our outpatient rehabilitation services are comprehensive but do not require addicts to stay within the four walls.

Another element that distinguishes our Denver treatment center is our focus on outdoor activities. We do not believe that recovering addicts should be confined indoors. Clients are given ample opportunities to hike, fish, rock climb, ski, snowboard and more. Come and discover the passions that interest you.

We Have Space Available. Call Our Admissions Specialists to Learn More.

Beginning your journey to sobriety can start today. Call our admissions specialists at our drug treatment center in Denver, Colorado to learn about your options. Waiting can put you at risk for heightened financial and legal implications. Continuum Recovery of Colorado will not let this happen. Let’s start a new chapter today.