Continuum Recovery of Colorado offers an intensive outpatient program for individuals dealing with drug addiction.

Other drug treatment centers in Colorado offer both inpatient and outpatient services, but Continuum Recovery of Colorado focuses on just one. All attention goes toward building a strong and comprehensive outpatient rehab program. No other drug treatment center in Denver is like ours, so you can expect a truly unique and personalized experience.

What to Expect During Drug Addiction Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. Though our clients work alongside each other, they follow their own customized treatment plan. We encourage clients to explore many activities so they can find what works for them. Dozens of outdoor activities are included in our program, helping addicts to rediscover their passions in life.

Below are examples of what you can expect during your stay at our Denver addiction treatment program.

  • Alternative therapies. A number of alternative therapies are included in our program, such as meditation, yoga, art therapy, life skills and education. We feel this supplemental therapy enhances our normal counseling sessions and prepares clients to manage stress and anxiety.
  • 12-step model. The 12-step model is one to appreciate. It helps people work through their addictions and establish a sober, healthy life. Each step encourages addicts to take personal responsibility for their actions while working on forgiveness, trust and spiritual growth.
  • Care team. Clients at our Denver rehab program receive personalized treatment plans with an experienced and dedicated care team to match. Our staff includes psychiatric nurse practitioners, medical doctors, masters-level licensed therapists, interventionists and case managers. Some staff members are also recovering addicts themselves.
  • Variable lengths. We highly recommend extended treatment. Research consistently shows that longer treatment is associated with lower relapse rates. However, we understand that not everyone can commit. This is why we offer convenient 30- to 90-day program lengths.

Changing the Way Drug Treatment is Delivered

Drug addiction treatment in Denver is meant to be a life-changing experience. Our intention is to give recovering addicts the tools and skill sets to remain sober in the real world. Life can be challenging and stressful at times, but drugs are not the answer to coping.

Our treatment program uncovers the “why” of addiction. Knowing what led to these behaviors allows addicts to confront and deal with their pain. Ongoing support in the form of individual, group and family counseling helps establish healthy coping mechanisms.

Working through the 12 steps is also empowering, as addicts take charge of their recoveries by prioritizing what is important to them. As part of this process, our clients explore themselves through activities like yoga, meditation and exercise. Vitamin D and fresh air are some of the best ways to lift the spirit – and they cost nothing!

If you or someone you care about is ready to break free from drugs, call Continuum Recovery of Colorado today.
We are changing the way addiction treatment is delivered. We look forward to helping you and your family on this new journey of life.