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Nobody doubts that drug addiction is terrible nowadays, or almost nobody. It has been proven beyond any doubt that that’s the case. However, we still haven’t managed to find the perfect rehabilitation program, one that would eliminate addiction once and for all. All we can do is work with what science has brought us so far, approach the situation from all possible angles and hope for the best. And that is precisely what we are doing here, at the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado.

There are many people in need for rehab in Denver, but, sadly, only a portion of them get to receive the treatment they need. More precisely, about 11% out of the over 20 million Americans fighting drug abuse symptoms and addiction nationwide. And the main problem with the addictive behavior is that, once it has fully installed, it will end up changing the individual’s thinking process, behavior, emotional response, everything that constitutes his personality to the most intimate level.

Naturally, the only way of fighting such scary effects is by adopting a series of treatment methods that would focus on both the physiological aspects, as well as on the psychiatric ones. And the latter is a real pain to deal with. Aside from being the most destructive in the long-term, they are also the harder to correct.

About the dangers of opioids and how to deal with them

All programs of rehab in Denver always go through several distinct phases, starting by treating the immediate side effects of withdrawal and continuing by addressing the rest of the physiological and mental problems. Breaking the functioning mechanism of the narcotics, however, is a daunting task, one that will take a lot of sustained efforts over more extended periods of time, sometimes years on end.

In that regard, there are a handful of innovative and effective rehabilitation programs that have proven to be incredibly useful:

1. The Dual Diagnosis treatment

It aims at treating the co-occurring disorder, which is the combination of the galloping effects of drug addiction and various mental disorders, including depression.

2. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Teaching the addict how to overcome the tendency towards social isolation, renounce the negative attitude, fight with stress and anxiety and regain his self-esteem, as well as his ability to see the future in brighter colors.

3. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

To help the individual recover his degraded social skills, individual and group therapy sessions will be put in place to teach him: how to deal with stress without resorting to drugs or drinking, how to manage negative emotions and how to strengthen his relationships with the loved ones.

4. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

When the patient deals with repressed traumas or severe, long-lasting emotional pain, the EMDR psychotherapy is one of the most effective ways of helping people heal their wounds and move on.

This is why Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado delivers some of the most effective programs of rehab in Denver. Here, it is all about efficiency, full-time rehabilitation and constant care and support – the only known ways to repel addiction and restore the individual in all aspects, body, mind, and spirit.

Rehab Denver

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