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According to a report filed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been approximately 260 million opioid prescriptions released in 2012. Worldwide, however, this number only shows the amount of registered opioid sells, but no the one showing that of opioids sold without a prescription. And it also doesn’t explain the fact that those who are abusing opiates without a prescription are young adults with ages between 18 and 25. Which brings us to the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado.

As we have seen, most of the programs dealing with rehabs in Denver are mainly addressing health problems caused by prescription opiates which, when abused, tend to deliver effects identical to illicit drugs. Even more, the abusive behavior will eventually lead to addiction and addiction is equally devastating regardless of the substance being used.

The main problem with it is that it takes away the individual’s ability to fight back. Withdrawal will immediately occur when the addict hasn’t had his dose for more than 4-6 or more hours, and the symptoms can be quite brutal in some cases. All that the patient can do is to continue indulging in the addictive behavior because it is the only way to stop withdrawal side-effects from showing up.

Drug addiction will tear you apart piece by piece

Opioids and narcotics function pretty much the same. They stimulate the opioid receptors in the nervous system, forcing the brain to release dopamine and flood the reward center with enough to induce a chemical dependence on the substance. The moment the brain begins to show tolerance to the drug, that’s when you know you’re in for a ticket to the closest center for rehabs in Denver.

That’s because once the brain begins to ask for more opioid stimulation, a series of side-effects will start to unfold, usually divided into three major sections:

1. Physiological

This category has them all, from biological effects like vomiting, severe weight loss, teeth problems, organ damages and the risk of heart attack and all the way to depression, incoherent thinking, and mental disorders like dementia, among others. At this stage, heavy medication is required, initially to repel the withdrawal symptoms and later to eradicate any other side-effects, regardless of their nature.

2. Behavioral

The behavioral changes that come as a result of drug abuse are not voluntary and can cause plenty of problems. The addict will grow to develop apathy, increased irritability, and mood swings, as well as erratic, incoherent behavior. These are kept in check using behavioral therapies and group support sessions.

3. Social

Because of the effects of addiction, people close to the addict, including family and friends, will begin to fall back from the relationship, which can further deepen the addict’s state of mental and emotional decay.

All programs of rehabs in Denver, like those promoted by the Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado, have well-developed strategies to eradicate all of the symptoms causing and supporting depression, including childhood traumas, emotional and psychological problems, as well as the tendency to relapse under specific environmental or psychological conditions, or both. Because life is too precious to waste it on drugs.

Rehabs In Denver

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