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Is alcoholism a disease or a choice?

Alcoholism is a mental disease that begins as a choice. You consume alcohol voluntarily in the initial stages, as a means of socializing, relaxation or as a way to cope with life’s problems. The more you abuse it, however, the more your brain’s chemistry will change. The moment when addiction sets in marks the beginning of the illness.

From that point on, there is little you can do on your own. You won’t be able to get sober by sheer willpower, and we don’t recommend attempting any self-detox programs. For your safety, you should contact our client department for an urgent appointment.

Is alcohol rehab effective?

Not only it is effective, but it’s also the single best way of leaving your addiction behind. The rehabilitation process will leave you mentally and emotionally vulnerable, as the withdrawal will soon kick in. It’s vital to have a team of experts beside you, taking control of the situation. At our center, you will receive permanent care and psychological support, as you fight your way through the withdrawal stage.

We use a combination of clinical and psychological procedures to cleanse both the body and the mind, as we flush out the substance and restore your normal functioning. We only recommend you attempt detox in a controled and professional environment. It’s the only way to ensure the success of the rehab treatment.

Is alcohol detox painful?

Although it may create some discomfort, our clinicians will ensure the maximum of comfort during the procedure. Depending on your clinical status, you may require medication to counter the symptoms of withdrawal and minimize the manifestations of the disease. And it’s vital to have experts perform the detoxification procedure.

Self-detox is unreliable as it rarely delivers any meaningful results. Furthermore, you will be at risk of developing new forms of addiction because of it. Our clinicians will eliminate the danger by adjusting the treatment according to your biological needs and medical status. At the same time, we will also monitor your progress constantly, to minimize and even eliminate the risk of relapse.

How to remain sober?

To remain sober for good, you need to adopt significant lifestyle changes over time. During the rehab treatment, our clinicians, psychologists, and health professionals will provide you with all the knowledge you need for a clean, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Here we include tips on career, social life, family, finances, responsibility, nutrition, hobbies, etc.

Our alcohol rehab in Denver helps people like you correct their past mistakes and take on a new road in life. It’s never too late to start life fresh. Contact us, at Continuum Recovery of Colorado, and make an appointment today! Our team of health specialists is ready to take your case right now!

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